Our listing services are available throughout all of California.  Check below to view our standard coverage areas:

• Los Angeles, (all areas within Los Angeles County) California,
• Lake County, California,  (county)
• Orange, California,  (county)
• Mariposa County, California,  (county)
• Merced County, California, (county)
• Monterey County, California,  (county)
• Riverside, California,  (county)
• Sacramento, California,  (county)
• San Bernardino County, California,  (county)
• Ventura, California,  (county)
• Fresno, California,  (city)
• Moorpark, California,  (city)
• Palm Springs, California, (city)
• San Luis Obispo, California,  (city)
• Santa Clara, California,  (city)
• Santa Cruz, California,  (city)
• Simi Valley, California, (city)

Coming soon:
• San Diego

Although we represent clients from throughout all of California, if your property is outside our standard coverage area, an added service charge may apply. Please contact us for more information.

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