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  1. Professional Real Estate Photography
  2. MLS Entry / Web Marketing - includes,, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and many more.
  3. For Sale Sign and Post. (optional)
  4. Supra Lock Box lease (optional)
  5. Write up purchase contract for seller and / or buyer.
  6. Provide and handle all California required Real Estate Disclosures.  (Assistance with completion, reviewed by Broker, and delivered to buyer.)
  7. Automatic forwarding of contact information for all buyers interested in your property.

The RealWorks Method Works!!!  Sell your home for top dollar and save thousands in real estate commissions.

We handle everything for you: 
•    All steps and requirements of the purchase agreement.
•    Manage all counter offers, addendum, and negotiations.
•    Provide and oversee all California required seller disclosures.
•    Supervise property inspections.
•    Mitigate through negotiations any repair requests from the Buyer or Buyer's Agent.
•    Coordinate with the Buyer's Agent on all contractual matters.
•    Draft any offers or paperwork needed for unrepresented buyers.
•    Handle all MLS entries and updates.
•    Open escrow and deliver opening paperwork to escrow company.
•    Communicate with all parties involved to close escrow quickly and easily.

No upfront fees.  No long term contracts.  All our services are paid for at closing.  We know you’ll love working with us, that’s why if you’re not 100% satisfied with your listing, you can cancel anytime.

The majority of our for-sale-by-owner transactions close successfully using our Standard Package.  Some specialty transactions, like probate sales or short sales, may require additional hours of work.  If you feel you have a specialty transaction, let us know so we can put together an effective and affordable listing program that’s right for you.

Want to pay for only the services you need?  Try our a-la-cart option.

  • MLS entry & web marketing. (Includes professional photography):  $95
  • Write up purchase contract for seller and / or buyer:  $495
  • Transaction coordinator services:  $495
  • Broker support paid by the hour:  $295
  • Supra or combination lockbox (lease):  $45
  • Real estate for sale sign and post:  $95
  • Professional real estate video:  $495
  • Interactive virtual tour:  $795
  • Drone Photography:  $249
  • Drone Video:  $395
  • Professional Staging: Call for quote.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me anytime - (818) 310-3765, or email me at:

Professional Photography - In our internet era, professional real estate photography is perhaps the single most important investment you can make when listing your home.  Like the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  Nowadays, virtually all buyers begin their search online.  Professional photography can make a less than desirable home look good, an average home look great, and a beautiful home look spectacular.  Remember, you're competing for offers against all the other listings on your block.  The better your home looks photographed online, the more buyers it will attract, the more offers to purchase you will receive, and ultimately, the higher selling price you will obtain.  So you better make sure your first impression is a good one.

As a courtesy, we provide professional photography for all of our listings.  That’s just one of the many ways RealWorks Realty stands out from the crowd to provide its customers with great service and outstanding results.

MLS Entry Only - Entry only listings were virtually unheard of ten years ago.  Today, they are becoming more widely used.  A standard “entry only” listing means just that, your property goes into the MLS and no other service is provided.  However, at RealWorks Realty, we don’t think real estate should be so restrictive.  We offer you the freedom to select an entry only listing option.  However, if you later decide to switch to an a-la-cart listing, limited service listing, or full service listing, we make it easy.  You’re free to upgrade or downgrade whenever you like.  The reason for this is when people handle their own for sale by owner transaction, one can never really know ahead of time exactly how challenging things will be.  Sometimes, things might go along smoother than you anticipated, so you may not need as much help as you thought.  Other times, you may end up with a challenging buyer requiring you to get added help from your listing Broker.  Whatever the case may be, we make it easy for you to maximize your Broker representation while keeping your costs to a minimum.

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Transaction Coordinator Services - There are three main sections to a real estate transaction; the sections include marketing, negotiations, and the transactional part.  A transaction coordinator handles all of the paperwork involved after an offer is accepted and escrow has been opened.  These services include, but are not limited to, gathering together the purchase agreement, all counter offers and addendum.  Managing all required California disclosures.  Making sure all items on purchase agreement and disclosures are completed and signed.  Coordinating paperwork between all parties, including the buyer, seller, escrow company, title company, and the lender.  (TC services do not include meeting the property inspector or appraiser at the property for their respective appointments.)  Since there are a lot of technical and legal restrictions to the purchase contract and real estate disclosures that are not obvious or intuitive to the average person, it might be worth while to allow a seasoned professional to handle the transactional portion for you.  A small mistake could end up costing you thousands of dollars later on.  By making a small expenditure you receive the peace of mind that the transaction is being handled correctly and within the parameters of real estate law.

Broker support paid by the hour. - Since it’s difficult to assess how much Broker support a home seller will need, we have structured our services to allow for full Broker support whenever you need it, and still maintain the flexibility and savings that’s characteristic of a for-sale-by-owner listing.  Some sellers are far more savvy than others, so why should they all be forced to pay the same price for listing services?  By hiring us on a by the hour basis, you’re guaranteed professional help whenever you need it, without having to pay excessive commissions for work you can handle on your own.  Most transaction typically require from three to five hours of support.  On the high end of the spectrum, the most number of hours one of our FSBO customer has utilized is 14 hours.  At $4,130 for 14 hours of support, that’s still much lower than the full service listing commission of 2.5% that most Brokers charge.  (On a sales price of $550,000, 2.5% equals a listing commission of $13,750.  That’s $9,620 higher than the most we’ve ever charged any of our FSBO customers.)  You can also set a limit ahead of time as to the maximum number of hours you wish to purchase.  That way, you can make sure you’re never over budget.  Most of our customers like to set a cap at four hours.  By setting a maximum limit, our customers can pace themselves and use their time efficiently.  As escrow progresses, you can decide to either ration your hours, or add an extra hour of support towards closing if needed.  If you’re not sure how much time you’ll require for your transaction, contact us to discuss your specific scenario.  We’ll put together a comprehensive listing package to fit your needs.  We guarantee to keep you within your budget.

Real Estate for Sale Sign - In the age of technological advancements and lighting speed information, the real estate sign appears a bit like an ancient relic.  However, don't let that fool you.  RealWorks estimates that a for sale sign increases the buyer pool by approximately 7%.  It gives notice to people in your neighborhood that have been looking for something to pop up, but were not actively checking online every day.  Maybe to help friends or family move closer, or to possibly acquire an investment property they can keep an eye on in their neighborhood.  Although a 7% boost may not seem like much, it could make the difference in getting a challenging sale across the finish line.    

Professional Real Estate Video - Real estate media is used in order to create an experience or enhance the image of a property.  If a photograph can make a listing stand out, the right video can really excite a potential home buyer.  Although some real estate videos like to incorporate actors and extras, the best videos don't have any people in them at all.  Having actors in the video distracts from the listing.  If the actors are unlikable or if the buyer has trouble identifying with them, it could actually hurt the ability to sell a home.  Instead, the way to go is to simply utilizing good music, nice lighting, and creative camera sequences that highlight the property.  A strong cinematographer will be able to tell the story of your property through camera craft, mood, and imagery.  It also helps if the home is professionally staged, and of course, photo ready.

Interactive Virtual Tour - This is an amazing technology that has been around for a few years now.  (Not to be mistaken for the cheap virtual tours that simply take a two dimensional photo then move closer to pan and scan up and down the photo.)  An interactive virtual tour gives the buyer the experience of being there.  From anywhere in the world a buyer can view the interior of your home, look around the backyard, even catch a glimpse of what your street looks like.  This is achieved by using special 360 degree photography at various points throughout the home, then splicing it together using computer software.  (Real Tour Vision, 3D Vista, and Matterport are among the more widely used programs.)  A buyer is given the experience of walking around your home, with the freedom to look up and down every angle.  A buyer gives him or herself a self guided tour, as opposed to being forced to look through the perspective of a photographer or videographer.  A buyer can "stand" virtually in your living room, bedroom or bathroom and look around at every 360 angle, in any direction.  An interactive tour works best for model homes.  If your listing falls under the category of “less than desirable” the virtual tour might not be the right choice for you.

Drone Photography and Video - In the past few years, the use of aerial drones to take photographs and videos of listings has really taken off.  The use of drones work best for large estates.  They help to show off the size of the property and / or scope and features of the lot.  Drones can also give average size properties an added dimension.  However, their use seems to backfire when they are used as the primary media on a smaller property.  Most buyers will want to focus on what the home looks like from the ground, and only care about having a bird’s eye view as a secondary perspective.

Areas Covered - Our for-sale-by-owner services are available throughout all of Los Angeles and Orange County.  Adjacent areas are also covered.  If your property is located outside our coverage area, we may still be able to represent you for an added surcharge.  To find out more detailed information about our coverage area, please visit our service area page.

Contact us anytime to get started.  We're always ready to help.